Emotional Intelligence in Executive Job Search | The Job Search Podcast

Episode 3 November 20, 2023 00:03:33
Emotional Intelligence in Executive Job Search | The Job Search Podcast
The Job Search Podcast, with Amy L. Adler
Emotional Intelligence in Executive Job Search | The Job Search Podcast

Nov 20 2023 | 00:03:33


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Emotional intelligence is key to your executive job search, and the fact that you engage with this level of communication demonstrates that you're an exceptional executive candidate.

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Hello again, this is Amy. Welcome back to another episode of the Job Search Podcast Today I want to talk about emotional intelligence in the context of executive job search. I think we all have a conventional understanding of emotional intelligence—it’s doing well by doing good. Basically, it’s being a decent person and regulating the way you interact with others. In a more technical sense, and to go back to Daniel Goleman’s original emotional intelligence theory, “emotional intelligence” means the ability to understand and manage your emotions, recognize the emotions of others, and use this understanding to guide your interactions. In the context of executive job searching, emotional intelligence takes on even greater importance as hiring executives and boards are looking for well-rounded professionals who have proven leadership skills and can handle complex challenges with ease. So how do you engage your emotional intelligence throughout the executive job-searching process? Here are five tips to consider: 1.

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